Roto-Rooter Celebrates 70 Years with a Nostalgic Twist on Iconic Jingle

Santa's Cheeky Elves Cause Holiday Havoc in Roto-Rooter's Latest Ad

Roto-Rooter's Claymation Christmas Spot: Elves, Candy Canes, and Plumbing Magic

"Holiday Tradition: Roto-Rooter Unveils Humorous Ad Featuring Santa and Troubles Down the Drain" 

"Bandolier Media Strikes Again: Roto-Rooter's Christmas Ad Brings Laughter and Nostalgia" 

"From 'Casablanca' to Candy Canes: Bandolier's History of Quirky Roto-Rooter Campaigns" 

"Roto-Rooter Declares 'Brown Friday' as Post-Thanksgiving Plumbing Emergencies Soar" 

"Plumbing Peculiarities: Roto-Rooter's Thanksgiving to Christmas Campaign Keeps Drains Flowing and Spirits High" 

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