"MLB's 2023 Postseason Kicks Off with Phillies vs. Marlins Wild Card Clash"

"Phillies vs. Marlins: NL East Rivals Face Off in Wild Card Series Opener" 

"Phillies Return to Postseason Glory in 2023, Host Marlins in Wild Card Battle" 

"Marlins Break Playoff Drought, Face Phillies in Wild Card Showdown" 

"Marlins vs. Phillies: A Look at the 2023 NL Wild Card Series" 

"Can Skip Schumaker's Marlins Upset the Phillies in Wild Card Showdown?" 

"Phillies vs. Marlins Regular Season Series Sets the Stage for Wild Card Drama" 

"2023 MLB Playoffs: Phillies vs. Marlins Game 1 – How to Watch and More" 

"Game 1 Preview: Phillies' Wheeler vs. Marlins' Luzardo in Pitching Duel" 

"Prediction: Phillies Have the Edge in Game 1 of Wild Card Series" 

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