Hewitt-Trussville Huskies Deliver a Crushing 62-0 Victory Over Huffman Vikings

Peyton Floyd Shines as Quarterback with Multiple Touchdown Passes in Win 

Dominant Defense: Hewitt Holds Huffman to a Mere 37 Yards in Total Offense 

Homecoming Triumph: Hewitt's Convincing 42-0 Halftime Lead Sets the Tone 

Jaden Loving and Jacob Serena Catch Touchdown Passes from Peyton Floyd 

Second-Half Dominance Continues as Hewitt Keeps Huffman Scoreless 

Total Offensive Shutdown: Huffman Struggles Against Hewitt's Defense 

Huskies Secure a 5-1 Record with Eye on Upcoming Clash Against Thompson 

Hewitt's Homecoming Victory Sends a Powerful Message to the Competition 

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