Three seasons from 1995 to 1997, is set to return, this time as a live-action series for Disney+ from James Wan’s Atomic Monster, writer Gary Dauberman and Disney Branded Television.

Dauberman is attached as writer, executive producer and showrunner on the new series.

The Gargoyles then have to figure out what life in the contemporary world is like, while also attempting to rid New York City of some of its crime.

It was a mature, serialized animated show that brought gravitas to Disney’s afternoon syndicated programming block,

“DuckTales,” “TaleSpin” and “Darkwing Duck.” It was also clearly inspired by the success of “Batman:

In 1998 it got fairly close, with a draft of a script written by Jim Kouf and featuring creature designs by the legendary Rick Baker

And sometime in 2018 Jordan Peele pitched his take on a live-action feature for Disney — but they were not impressed.

“The Nun” and even a “Swamp Thing” streaming series that ran on DC Universe, the pre-HBO Max DC streaming platform.

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