"El Paso County Commissioner Stan VanderWerf Enters 2024 Senate Race"

"Colorado Senate District 12: VanderWerf vs. Snyder Showdown Looms" 

"Democrats Target Senate District 12 for 2024 Supermajority Goal" 

"VanderWerf's Bid for Senate District 12: Less Regulation, More Freedom 

"Air Force Veteran Stan VanderWerf Announces Senate Run in Colorado" 

"Former Mayor Marc Snyder Challenges VanderWerf in SD 12 Race" 

"2020 Census Redistricting Creates Mess in Colorado Springs" 

"Voter Fraud Accusations and Residency Issues in SD 12 Race" 

"Former State Rep. Dan Woog Seeks Return to Colorado House 

"Woog to Face Parenti in Rematch for House District 19" 

Next : "Colorado Legislator Apologizes for 'Harm' at Pro-Palestine Rally"

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