"Actor's Filmography: A Streaming Landscape in Seven Roles"

You may not know who Warwick Davis is, but there’s a strong chance you’ve seen at least one of his movies. 

Davis’ breakout role was as the lovable Ewok Wicket in 1983’s “Return of the Jedi.” As part of the Star Wars franchise, the movie remains safely locked within the gates of Disney+. 

If you like Star Wars, you pretty much have to subscribe to Disney+ to watch it. That’s a definite value for subscribers. 

The days of Netflix as the one-stop movie shop are over. The problem is that this IP no longer has the reach it once did. While 146 million homes can still access the Star Wars films as Disney+ subscribers 

That’s a definite value for subscribers. But it illustrates one of the main frustrations of streaming in 2023 

Although the film does air on broadcast TV from time to time, we expect it will never appear on another streaming platform. 

The Star Wars films as Disney+ subscribers, everyone else either needs to rent it, buy it digitally, or invest in physical media to see it. 

Most streaming platforms have at least a handful of standout titles they will likely never share.  

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