Lydia Gonzalez and Milton Johnson

Lydia and Milton proved to be going strong at the reunion, which aired in October 2023. The twosome had a second wedding ceremony with her family in Puerto Rico after filming wrapped. 

Stacy Snyder

one week after their nuptials when they met up to try and date again. Stacy hinted at the reunion in October 2023 that she is seeing someone. 

Izzy Zapata 

Izzy revealed at the October 2023 reunion that he is dating someone, but wouldn't call things "official" yet. 

Taylor Rue

Taylor told her costars at the reunion in October 2023 that she's "seeing somebody." She hadn't spoken to ex-fiancé JP since filming wrapped. 

JP Pierce

JP a girlfriend of one year, he revealed at the reunion in October 2023 

Aaliyah  Cosby

Aaliyah   and Uche tried to keep dating after breaking up in the pods, but things ended between them. Aaliyah met her new boyfriend on an R&B cruise.“I’m in a great place [and] I’m happy,” she gushed to Us in September 2023. “Life is great and I’m so blessed, honestly.”

Uche Okoroha

Aaliyah and Lydia discovered that he sent them the same text on the day Love Is Blind started streaming, asking them to reach out if they had any questions about what aired.

Christopher Fox

Chris admitted at the reunion in October 2023 that he cheated on Johnie. He currently lives with the woman he met during his romance with Johnie. The pair have been together for more than a year. 

Johnie  Maraist 

It was revealed at the October 2023 reunion that Johnie and Izzy kissed following a group night out, but they never tried to seriously rekindle things. Johnie has a boyfriend of one year.  

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