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Canadian indie games list 2023

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Canadian indie games list 2023

Canadian indie games list 2023 : 2023 all Canadian indie games list below the table ,Indie games are the backbone of the gaming industry. 2023, in particular, was a strong showing for Canada’s indie game scene. From two notable The Game Awards wins to some of the top-rated releases and even shoutouts from prominent executives, Canadian indie developers took the world by storm in 2023.

Canadian indie games list 2023

Canadian indie games list 2023
Image credit: KO_OP
Canadian indie games list 2023

Canadian indie games list 2023

 Game Name



Goodbye Volcano High

Developer/publisher: KO_OP (Montreal, Quebec)
Genre: Narrative adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 4/5 (timed console exclusive), PC (Steam)

In your final year at school, you’ll have to jam out to catchy songs and deepen bonds with fellow teens before time is up. Most impressively, Goodbye Volcano High took home the top honour at this year’s Tribeca Games Festival out of many other titles from around the world, as well as a nomination for Games For Impact at The Game Awards.

Hill Agency: PURITYdecay

Developer/publisher: Achimostawinan Games (Hamilton, Ontario)
Genre: Narrative adventure
Platform: PC (Steam)

Distinguishing its cyberpunk setting from the likes of Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell is a focus on Indigenous characters and Cree language throughout the city, plus a striking black-and-white aesthetic punctuated with neon highlights. Indigenous women are the most under-represented voice in Canadian media, so it’s wonderful to see a game like Hill Agency pushing for more of that representation.


Developer/publisher: Cococucumber (Toronto, Ontario)
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: Xbox consoles (plus Game Pass), PC (Epic Games Store)

After the 2017 co-op-supported dungeon-crawler Riverbond and the 2021 retro-inspired turn-based RPG Echo Generation, the adorably named Cococucumber completes its so-called ‘Voxel Trilogy’ with Ravenlok. That means the action-RPG features the same aesthetically pleasing blocky visual style to tell its Alice in Wonderland-inspired tale about a young woman who travels to a strange world to stop an evil queen.

In Stars and Time

Developer: insertdisc5 (Toronto, Ontario)
Publisher: Armor Games Studio
Genre: RPG
Platform: PC (Steam)

Another LGBTQ+ positive title on this list, In Stars and Time is an Undertale-inspired party-based RPG about breaking out of a time loop to stop a tyrannical king. 

Sea of Stars

Developer/publisher: Sabotage Studio (Quebec City, Quebec)
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PlayStation 4/5 (and PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium), Xbox consoles (plus Xbox Game Pass), Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)

Sabotage co-founder Thierry Boulanger grew up in Quebec playing games like Chrono Trigger, dreaming one day that he’d get to make that kind of RPG himself. How lovely is it, then, that he and his small team got to do just that with Sea of Stars, a stunning pixellated throwback turn-based RPG that even features music from Chrono composer Yasunori Mitsuda?

Season: A Letter to the Future

Developer/publisher: Scavengers Studio (Montreal, Quebec)
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, PC (Steam)

In this way, there’s a profoundly meditative quality to the entire experience. On your bike, you’ll ride around largely abandoned areas, soaking in the bittersweet tranquility, until you meet strangers with whom you’ll develop short but memorable bonds. Who said the end of the world can’t be beautiful?

Slay the Princess

Developer/publisher: Black Tabby Games (Toronto, Ontario)
Genre: Visual novel
Platform: PC (Steam)

Toronto-based Black Tabby has consistently been putting out some of the top horror visual novels in years, and it’s done so once more with Slay the Princess. In a clever twist on “save the princess” style stories, this game, as the title suggests, tasks you with actually killing one.

Solace State

Developer/publisher: Vivid Foundry Corp. (Toronto, Ontario)
Genre: Narrative adventure, visual novel
Platforms: Xbox consoles, PC (Steam)

In the game, you play as Chloe, a queer Asian woman tasked with uniting communities against against a biotech company. The politically-charged narrative offers many branching paths based on your decisions, all told through a unique 2D-3D visual novel aesthetic.


Developer: Awaceb (formerly in Bordeaux, France, now located in Montreal, Quebec)
Publisher: Kepler Interactive
Genre: Action-adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, PC (Epic Games Store)

That’s not to say Tchia lacks any identity of its own; far from it. Besides being lovingly rooted in New Caledonian culture (including, most notably, featuring local Indigenous actors), the gameplay allows you to “soul-jump” into animals and even inanimate objects to control them. 


Developer/publisher: Visai Games (Toronto, Ontario)
Genre: Narrative cooking
Platforms: PlayStation 4/5, Xbox consoles (plus Xbox Game Pass), Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam)

Of course, there will be many more Canadian games launching in 2024, including Rocket Adrift’s Toronto-set horror game Psychroma and Metroidvania platformer Earthblade from Vancouver’s Extremely OK Games. We’ll have a full round-up of 2024 Canadian games to look out for in January.

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